Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clever fund raising can get you a long way!

Volunteering does not need to break your bank, as Bev Taylor found out. She managed to raise the full £2995 to go on expedition to Borneo.

She did a 26 mile hike, which she raised sponsorships for and she held a raffle. For the raffle prizes she contacted local businesses to donate prizes and she managed to fundraise the whole amount.

She says “Clever fund raising can get you a long way!"

During her expedition, her favourite moment on expedition was being involved with a project that built a bridge across a river, which would allow scientists to explore unseen areas of the rainforest.


  1. That's an amazing story! She was able to travel by just doing fundraisers! That new bridge will make way in helping scientists and explorers get a deeper understanding of the different cultures and traditions of the people living in that forest, as well as the state of the environment in the area. That just shows that all you need to help others is a strong heart and a passion for people.

    Lauren Edith

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