Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wacky Fundraiser Champion!

In order to raise funds for her Raleigh International expedition to Borneo in the spring, Rachel Magnus had a very original – and wacky idea. She decided to gain sponsorship to dress up as a banana and visit all of London’s famous landmarks. This outlandish idea was voted Wackiest Fundraiser by everyone here at Raleigh International HQ and on our Facebook page!

She came up with the idea after a long brain storming session as she was keen to come up with a fundraising idea that would be both lucrative and fun. Dressing up as a banana and visiting all of London’s landmarks was a great idea as it was cheap to organise and would generate a lot of interest because it was such an unusual fundraising activity.

Rachel had a great time during her time as a banana in London. She found that her friends and family were all interested in why she was doing it, because it is not something you see every day, and therefore helped spread Raleigh International’s good name.

The day was a huge success, raising about £900 from sponsorships from her friends and family. Unfortunately, she was not allowed to use collection boxes during the day as she did not have a permit.

Rachel really loved her expedition to Borneo and she would definitely go again
It's a great challenge, you experience a completely different culture, you see that you really are helping the communities out there, and you make such great friends. “

Her favourite memory is a party that the locals held for all the volunteers on their last night on phase in Kudat on the beach where they presented us all with a necklace which they had been personally made for them. She said that it was a special experience and one she will never forget.

Hannah’s advice for any budding fundraisers? You can literally do anything, nothing is too crazy! If you are stuck for cash, think of doing something that you may do on a day-to-day basis anyway but spice it up in some way - like Rachel did by dressing up as a banana. Also, Rachel recommends contacting your old schools or local communities to see if you can hold a bake sale for instance as they can be very supportive.

I hope Rachel’s fundraising exploits help to inspire future fundraisers who are stuck for ideas!!

Please check out our fundraising page on our website for more information:

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