Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Volunteer attempts to forward-roll over seven bridges

We've heard of some innovative fundraising ideas here at Raleigh International but we have been particularly impressed by the most recent idea from Ed Gregory, a volunteer manager for this autumn’s expedition in Borneo. He is planning to forward-roll across the seven bridges of Sydney! That’s 2.7km of forward rolls on concrete in one day!

On Saturday, 10th September 2011, he will forward-roll over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Pyrmont Bridge, Anzac Bridge, Fig Tree Bridge, Tarban Creek Bridge, Gladesville Bridge and Iron Cove Bridge. This is something that has never been attempted before so as well as raising money for a good cause, Ed will also be breaking a world record!

Ed, 28, will be volunteering for Raleigh International as a project manager. His role will include leading a volunteer project in a rural community in Borneo whilst also managing groups of young people in a cross-cultural environment.

He said: “I came up with seven bridges challenge to raise money to directly fund a charity expedition in Borneo in just a few weeks. I will be giving Raleigh International 10 weeks of my life to work on projects like building rainwater filtration systems, building a conservation park as well as working with local communities on education.”

Ed is a professional actor from Australia and has spent much of the last four years working for the internationally acclaimed Blue Man Group in their Broadway show New York as well as touring in Europe and the Caribbean. He is currently taking an eight month career break to travel and follow his other passions - the environment and charity work.

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