Friday, August 13, 2010

Eco-friendly fundraising

Hi everybody!

As a Venturer for India 10k (Oct-Dec 2010), and a complete newbie to London, I decided to throw away my Oyster (Tube & Bus) pass, acquire an enthusiastically rusty set of wheels and cycle my way through 1,000km to raise up to £1,000 of my target for Raleigh! I wasn't happy with just doing this and quietly badgering my friends on Facebook to sponsor me, I actually decided to TAKE people on my daily journey WITH me, by strapping my lovely little digital camera on to my handlebars and filming the whole way in to work at 6.30am! To make it more entertaining than 40 minutes of lactic acid, a few near misses and the almighty dangerous london bus, a friend and I had a little play with the film using some editing software and came up with this!

Putting this up on Facebook alone has raised almost £500, as I've sent periodic updates about how sore my bum is, nearly getting squished into the shape of a nearby lampost and documenting the more hilarious moments (a man struggling to multitask being on his mobile phone whilst riding his bike in a suit, complete with briefcase was a sight I'll never forget!)

I think the best thing about doing a video was that it reached so many people over the internet and they could SEE what I was doing to be worthy of a donation - by far the best thing seeing as there's only so much you can lean on those immediately around you before they start avoiding you when they see you coming...

I've still got a couple of hundred kilometres to go before I reach my target, but at least I know now that there'll be no excuse on the trek part of volunteering in India as these calves of steel are currently covering 100km a week!

All the best with everyone's fundraising,


p.s. I can also highly recommend bagpacking at your local supermarket - head straight for the more ethical/green/upmarket ones for best results!


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