Thursday, May 13, 2010

Helen Nuttall has just completed her ten week expedition with Raleigh in Costa Rica & Nicaragua. Helen joined Raleigh through the Graduate Bursary Award.

“Due to the fact I signed up close to the expedition departure date, I only had about two months to fundraise. Therefore I had to think of short-term fundraising. I decided to do a 10km run and ask everyone I knew to sponsor me, which was pretty successful. After harassing everyone I possibly could, I had about £350 which was much more than I expected and worth the pain and suffering of doing the run! (Plus I got fit at the same time!) I also wrote letters to every trust and charity I could think of, outlining what it was I was doing. To my surprise I got £200 pounds from my local Rotary Club and £300 from another charitable trust. I was absolutely over the moon!”

Helen was successfully featured in her local press before going on expedition. Read the article here to find out what they said.