Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stephen Nunes fundraising for his expedition to Borneo

Stephen Nunes is fundraising for his forthcoming summer expedition to Borneo. As well as hikes, runs and skydiving, Stephen is also planning on shaving his head and putting on sponsored karate training sessions...

I decided to raise most of my funds by doing a series of sponsored events and encouraging friends, colleagues and family to donate to my cause.

I got lots of ideas from the fundraising pack provided by Raleigh and decided to try and do events which would challenge me physically and help me prepare for the expedition to Borneo in July.

I did a 16 mile hike and a 26 mile hike back in March and I still have a 5K run, skydive and head shave to do. I also prepared a press release that I sent out to local media and I was able to get an article about my sponsored skydive in my local newspaper.

My karate instructor read the article and offered to organise a sponsored training session at my club. Club members brought their friends and family along and helped raise over £250.

The best part of fundraising for me has been the opportunity to talk to people about Raleigh and what I’m going to be doing!

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