Monday, April 26, 2010

Hannah White is fundraising for her India expedition this Autumn

Hannah White is up to all sorts of fundraising such as a Bollywood party, a 40 mile sponsored hike, car boot sales and more!

I'm going to India in Autumn this year as a volunteer manager. I'm fundraising with a couple of big events which I think should raise most of my money, and have roped in people who can help me.

A Bollywood party: Beer, Bollywood and Bhajis! I've managed to get a great free function room at a bar in Manchester, I have friends with full DJ-ing kit and lights who are doing the music for me, and I'm working on getting some free or discounted Indian catering. I've done a lot of asking friends and colleagues if they have friends who can help me out with stuff - it's amazing who people know!

I'm selling tickets, which another friend has designed for me, and also putting on a raffle on the night, currently working my way round Manchester's Indian restaurants for Indian themed raffle prizes.

A sponsored walking challenge: I wanted to do something meaningful, and came up with the idea of hiking the full breath of the Peak District in a single day, 40 miles from my home town of Sheffield to my now home of Macclesfield. Again I've roped in a few hardcore friends to join me (and help with the map reading!). We've tested the route out over two days and it was really difficult, so doing it in one will be a huge challenge, and hopefully something people will think is worth sponsoring. Check out my just giving page that I'm about to launch:

Top up events: I'm doing a couple of car boot sales next month. I've asked friends and colleagues at work to bring in stuff for me, it's a great way for people to support without having to put their hands in their pockets and I've got loads of stuff to sell. If I need a bit more money after that, I'll be recruiting people to do some baking for cake sales at work, as well as getting creative in the kitchen myself - always a winner!