Monday, March 15, 2010

Natalie Dilloway is joining Raleigh’s 10 week expedition in India this summer

I think that from doing all the fundraising, I have seen how much fun it is to fundraise and I think it’s the beginning of the journey with Raleigh.

My biggest money maker so far is a charity disco that took place in a local hall and bar. We chose a place which isn't too hard to fill and also one which is cheap on drink. We charged £10 a ticket and sold 100 which filled the hall itself. We went around to local shops, friends and family which donated things for a raffle. We made a total of £1296 and once we took out the expenses we had £900, which took a massive chunk off the total.

I have a close friend who works in a train station who asked around for me and got a set of 4 railway tickets standard class. We sold one set for £60, another set sold for £40. We also had two first class tickets which sold for £80. So that was put onto my justgiving website.

I wrote to the local paper who put me in it and a member of the public rang up and donated. From that article a man donated 23 elephant prints, each worth around £30 pounds. We are gradually selling these prints from £20 -£30 pounds. From this kind gentleman donating these print the paper decided to write another piece on us. We then got given a further 30 odd prints from another man which we are now working on selling to members of the public. We thought that we could rent out a local youth centre where we are going to have a gallery sale.

My dad is doing a sponsored swim; so far he is up to £180 and is still getting sponsored. My dad is doing this with a friend who has raised £50 so far.

My sister-in-law is having a curry night with her work friends. We cook them a meal and me and a friend wait on them. They pay £10s each and so far we have ten people going to this.

Me and three other mates are doing a 5legged race which we are going to set up next week.

I’m doing car boot sales when I can, and everything has been donated and we are selling on. The more decent things we are putting onto the site eBay, so far we made around £100 and people are still donating and helping out.

My brother is seeing if his work can help out and also my sister is as well.

The support that you get from people is outstanding and we are always trying to think of different ways to raise money. The next idea we are trying to set up is a dog walker. I’ll take out people’s dogs for 30mins and charge £6-9 depending on the size of the dog.

And my justgiving website is

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