Thursday, January 28, 2010

Benita Sabharwal held a charity date auction to raise funds for her expedition to Costa Rica & Nicaragua

I only had a month to raise all the funds so had to work fast. Whenever I could I would be fundraising. When I went out to parties for birthdays I would bring a jar and put it on the bar or ask around in pubs telling them all about Raleigh. On nights out I made signs for all my friends to wear saying “kiss poverty goodbye by kissing me hello” and they would give a kiss on the cheek in return for a pound.

I did a charity date auction where a number of my friends were put up in a silent auction for a date. It was put together in a week which took a lot of planning; getting the venue, guest list and actually finding people to agree to be sold! Overall this event was a success, giving me almost half the money I needed to raise.

My final event was a 40km hike from Uxbridge to Reading in a day. This was done partly to train for the trek that I do on the expedition. I knocked on people’s doors in my area for sponsorship and everyone was generous and eager to help which surprised me. My friend who also did the hike with me got sponsored by people in her home town for me. If I had more time I would have been able to get even more sponsors.
I had to make sure that I got a permit for asking people for donations in my local area and permission from landlords to collect in pubs. I also made sure that Raleigh’s registered charity number was visible so people knew who they were donating to, and used Raleigh collecting tins which had the Raleigh logo and charity number on.

Other things I did included; working and writing to a business that does charity auction items. They gave me a signed football shirt and I auctioned it on e-bay because I didn’t have time to arrange an event.

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