Friday, January 15, 2010

Andrew Needler recounts his fundraising experience

Were you concerned about raising the funds to join Raleigh?


How did you raise the funds to join Raleigh?

Ann Watson Trust- £250
James Rechiff Trust- £250
Phillip Rechiff trust- £250
20 mile walk- £800
55 mile cycle ride- £500
3 hour swim (wearing a dressing gown) - £600

What was the easiest way to raise funds?

Make an effort, email everyone repeatedly, friends, family, companies.
Use the facebook group (your own) to your advantage- its brill!
Face to face sponsorship- people will help if they see you making the effort and showing enthusiasm.

Did you find it difficult to convince people to donate to Raleigh?

At first, maybe because I didn’t have faith or believe it myself. Once I was confident and backed my own ideas I found it easier to ask for people’s support.

How did you keep people up to date with your fundraising efforts?

Facebook groups, email and word of mouth.

Do you plan to contact your donors post-expedition to let them know how you got on and how their money helped?

Most definitely. I am doing a report and presentation in the New Year.

What are your top tips about fundraising to pass onto others?

Be enthusiastic, think BIG! Ask everyone and anyone, sure you’re asking them to donate for your expedition but you’re doing it for an amazing cause.

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