Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rebecca Strickland is going to Costa Rica as a Volunteer manager in June. Here is how she is going to raise the funds:

· What are you doing for your Raleigh fundraising? A quiz night, possibly 2, a netball tournament and begging my family and friends. I have taken up netball umpiring and am using the funds from that to pay for my flights and personal equipment. At £8 per game and 3 games per evening, 4 nights a week, I have raised over £900. This has covered my flights and vaccinations.
· How did you come up with the idea? A friend suggested a speed dating night, saw the expression on my face and then suggested the quiz. I currently umpire netball for a couple of social groups so I had excellent access to netball contacts and venues.
· What preparations and planning are required? Organisation, organisation and more organisation. I don't think you can ever over plan something like this. The quiz was researched on the internet and planned on paper. The netball tournament has been more about getting involvement from the teams and showing enthusiasm.
· Who else is involved? With the quiz night I got as many local businesses as I could to donate prizes for a raffle and then getting the pub enthusiastic so that they promoted the night and were ready for the 50+ people that arrived on the night was crucial. With the tournament again I have used the fact that this is for charity and people have been enthusiastic and helpful once they know that this is not just for me.
· Based on your experiences what tips would you give fundraisers? Be enthusiastic about what you are doing - it rubs off on others. Promote your event by using the charity name - it really does make people look at it differently. Get your friends involved - they have friends and so on and so on. Use the media that is there for free: Just Giving, Facebook, Gumtree, Raleigh Forum, Emails, carry flyers in your bag, posters at work etc...

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